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Terms and Conditions for Poker League Organisers

1. Membership

Joining the Dusk Till Dawn Poker League is available for pubs, social and sports clubs on a first come first served basis. Once the league has reached its capacity, any additional interested parties will have the option to join the reserve list and await a cancellation or suspended membership.

To join the Dusk Till Dawn Poker League there is a one off Joining Fee of £100 +VAT which must be paid in advance of the start of the Poker League.

Once affiliated with the Dusk Till Dawn Poker League, you will be obligated to pay the weekly League Fee for the duration of the league which is twelve weeks. This is at a cost of £12.50 +VAT each week and must be paid in accordance with the payment frequency and method you have agreed upon.

League Membership will roll from one league to the next unless a cancellation request is received.

2. League & Finals

At the end of each twelve week league, you will be allocated five seats for the Dusk Till Dawn Poker League Final, which will take place at Dusk Till Dawn Casino, Nottingham. There is no cash alternative for these seats.

If one of your qualifiers cannot make the League Final or decides they do not wish to play, we recommend awarding it to the next highest points scorer in your league.

3. Cancellation

If you wish to cancel your membership you may do so at anytime with no penalty, provided payment for the full twelve weeks has been made.

Cancellation requests must be made in writing and must be received no later than two weeks before the start of the next League. If notice is not given you will be automatically entered for the following league and obliged to pay for the duration.

4. Penalties

Failure to comply with the terms listed above may result in the suspension of your allocated seats for the Poker League Finals and may also jeopardise any future affiliation with Dusk Till Dawn.