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Dusk Till Dawn Team Event

The Dusk Till Dawn Team Event is returning in September.

After a successful first outing the Dusk Till Dawn Team Event is back on September 14th and is better than ever.

We'll be guaranteeing the event again at £10,000 and have made some minor changes as per player feeback to improve the experience for everyone involved.

The tournament is for upto 60 teams with the buy in at £30+£5 per player. Each player will be given a representative score when eliminated with the lowest scoring team being crowned Champions.

Here is how the scoring works:

- Points will be totalled for the THREE best placed members of the team
- The first two players eliminated per team will not have their score counted
- Your score is representative of your finishing position e.g: If you go out 100th you'll receive 100 points
- Point scorers on the Final Table will be awarded MINUS points as a reward for their finishing position
- 1st: -100, 2nd -75, 3rd -50, 4th -30, 5th -20, 6th -10, 7th -5, 8th -1.

The LOWEST scoring team will win and the top FIVE teams will receive a cash prize. There will also be runners up and winners trophies.

The £10,000 Prizepool will be split with £2,000 set aside for final tablists* and the other £8,000 paid out between the top FIVE teams. Here is a breakdown:

Team Payout:

1st: - £3750 (£750 each)
2nd: - £2000 (£400 each)
3rd: - £1000 (£200 each)
4th: - £750 (£150 each)
5th: - £500 (£100 each)

Final 8 prizes:

1st - £750
2nd - £500
3rd - £250
4th - £150
5th - £125
6th - £100
7th - £75
8th - £50

There will also be a prize for eliminating members' of the Dusk Till Dawn All Star Team. If you knock out a member of the to be confirmed team then you will receive a WPT125 buy in worth £125.

You will also receive your complimentary breakfast and reduced bar prices just as if it were a Finals Day.


In order to organise registering your team please contact

*Final table will be classed as Final 8 as if it was played out on the Television Table.

Posted on Mon, 7th July 2014

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