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League H Finals Day

First I’d like to congratulate everyone that qualified and made the journey to the club for this Finals Day.

I must apologise for the length of this blog, it is slightly shorter than usual, but with good reason which I will announce at the end.

As always we hosted our Online Champion of Champions the Thursday before the Finals Day. This is a freeroll for all league winners. 15 of you logged into your computers to get involved and the winner was Matt Johnson from Fair Play Poker. He scooped £60 in prize money and a trophy that was presented on Sunday.

So here we stood again with an impressive 274 players ready to battle it out for their share of the £5,000 prizepool, their respective trophies and a seat into the newly announced £10,000 GTD Champion of Champions held here at Dusk Till Dawn.

As is always the case, someone had to be first out. The unfortunate soul taking the walk of shame this time was Steve Morrell from The Sun Inn, Gotham. His trip 9’s ran into a full house, but the remaining players showed no sympathy as he was applauded on his journey to the bar.

As the day moved on the field thinned and before we knew it 6pm arrived which signalled the start of the our regular organisers comp. We like to reward and thank all those that put in time and effort to ensure everything runs smoothly in venues and on Finals Day!

We offer £200 in prizes just for our organisers which were won by Dave Hulme, of Forest Tavern who scooped the £150 Deepstack first prize and Richard Gadd of the Sun Inn who won a Super £50 entry as runner up.

So back to our Main Event!

32 players were guaranteed to make the money meaning 33rd place Iain Else was presented with nothing more than the bubble boy title.

Everyone was now in the money and play sped up slightly to eventually present us with a final eight which lined up as follows:

Seat 1: Oliver Gurney (Reel Club)

Seat 2: Mark Paget (Fair Play)

Seat 3: Liam Hartley (Crusader)

Seat 4: Dave Hamiltion (Sun Inn)

Seat 5: Graham Ward (West Heath)

Seat 6: Mark Johnson (Ruddington)

Seat 7: Ian Underhill (West Heath)

Seat 8: Wayne Youngs (Bridgward)


Mark Johnson and Oliver Gurney started their final table journey as the short stacks, but they still got a trophy for making it this far.

Neither of them was the first to fall though as Dave Hamilton was all in with tens. He ran into aces though. Unfortunately for Dave the aces held so he made his way to the cash desk.

Mark Johnson fell next, as the blinds went up his short stack never recovered.

Wayne Youngs ran into a couple of unlucky spots and it wasn’t long till he was busted in 6th.

Mark Paget soon followed and then Graham Ward ran into a cooler four handed when his Queens ran into Kings.

Liam Hartley then succumbed to pressure and took a well earned third place leaving Oliver Gurney and Ian Underhill to battle it out heads up.

Oliver had done extremely well to make it this far after starting the final table so short but he fell at the final hurdle when his brave all in with J 4 was snap called by Ian’s pocket Jacks.

Ian took home roughly £1500 for his first place finish and both heads up players are now eligible for the all new LIVE Champion of Champions tournament at DTD.

Now I said I’d apologise for the delay and thin content of this blog and the main reason why is because I have been in meetings to confirm the additions to the DTD Poker League calendar.

I have provisional dates from the powers that be!

Our £10,000 GTD team event is pencilled in for September 14th with the all new Champion of Champions (also GTD at £10K) being held on December 14th.

As always I’d like to thank the staff at DTD for their hospitality over the finals and you guys for your attendance. It really is a pleasure having you on board.

It is always nice to start the year with something to look forward to and I guarantee the DTD Poker League is just getting bigger and better.



Posted on Fri, 31st January 2014 by James Hall

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