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- DTD Team Event + More!

Hi Guys, as the winter draws in and the dark nights have set upon you I thought I’d give you some nice reading material to brighten up your day.

It has been another fruitful and developing year for the Dusk Till Dawn Poker league with two solid leagues that are maxing out our finals days. The stability and loyalty from our venues is fantastic and I hope you are all enjoying the experience. Plus I am still exploring the possibility of venturing towards a third league when I see fit. The popularity of our leagues now means we are asking Mr Trumper and co. for more time at the club for finals days, which is never a bad thing.

This year has proved to not only us, but our organisers and most importantly our players, as to why we are the best value poker league around. We have generated FREE seats into the DTD Grand Prix that guaranteed a quarter of a million pounds, filled out the biggest and best poker club in Europe for every finals day and even qualified players for FREE into the ISPT Wembley. 32 of our members played the event for free and were given the chance to play poker on the pitch at Wembley with over half of these cashing in the event and some winning well over £1000! There was no catch; they genuinely won this for FREE through the DTD Poker League.

Another expansion of our great value league is the exclusive team even coming on November 24th. This buy in event will see 60 teams of five from various venues battle it out to see who really is the best in the league, and what’s more you have the chance to play against TEAM DTD which consists of Rob Yong, Simon ‘Aces’ Trumper, Jon ‘Skalie’ Kalmar, Dave ‘Devilfish’ Ulliot and Dodgey Dave Allsop. These guys will all have a bounty on their head so if you knock one of them out you will win a prize. Oh, and we are guaranteeing the prizepool at a nice round figure of £10,000! The response for this has been incredible and we are practically sold out.

The popularity of the event supports the claims from me and players that this should be made into an annual event.

Here is a quick clarification of the rules:

Each team will enter five players.

Once the teams are entered on 22nd of November there will be no change of players unless teams are let down by an individual. They can then bring in a member off the reserve list.

The tournament will play out using the same structure as our finals day.

Each team will earn points based on their four highest scoring finishers. So don’t worry if one of your guys gets his Aces cracked in level 1.

The point system works based on player exits. The team will accumulate points as a player leaves the tournament and the lowest points score of the day wins.

There will be trophies for the following:

5 x trophies for the winning team and one big team trophy.

5 x runner up trophies for the 2nd placed team

Winners trophy for overall tournament winner.

Runners up trophy for 2nd places finisher on the Day.

All cash prizes are awarded to the winning team and split accordingly and evenly and there will be a prize for the overall winner and runner up. Furthermore there are bounty prizes for knocking out one of DTD’s star studded team, and you can even have a shot at me. Of course I will be playing proper poker this time.

Here is a prize breakdown:


1st: £4000

2nd: £2500

3rd: £1500

4th: £750

5th: £500


1st: £500

2nd: £250


Knock out one of the Dusk Till Dawn all star team and win a £100 seat into any £100 event at Dusk Till Dawn!


At the start of the day each team captain will collect a set of rules from the front desk and write down his team name, so be as creative (but clean) as you like.

Can I please ask for your assistance to register in your teams of five rather than individuals?

We will endeavour to make sure that we start the day with team members on separate tables but inevitably as the day wears on you may bump into a fellow team mate at the tables. If you do so please let it be known ASAP as we will have the capacity to move you.

The tournament will be run as normal, just like a finals day, so the earlier exits will have the option to play Cash games, roulette or Blackjack.

The system will only physically recognise your name’s and not team names so please let it be known to the cash desk who you are and what team you are in so the points are scored correctly.

If you have any questions regarding the team event please don’t hesitate to contact me before hand or on the day as I will be available.

Good luck to all who take part and may the best team win!

I’d also like to welcome all of our new venues that have entered in the winter leagues. It is great to keep attracting new venues and growing the league and appealing to more players.

As the league grows I’m also looking at introducing the Dusk Till Dawn Premier League in the New Year. Some of you will remain as you are and some of your organisers will be contacted. All will be revealed shortly.

Finally I would like to congratulate, and thank, all those that have taken part in this years’ league. All of you have been a credit to your venues and are another contributing factor to the fact that we are part of the best league in the country. It has been a pleasure to have you in the club over the finals days and I hope it continues.

I just hope you guys enjoy these events as much as I do hosting them? I hope we can continue to build on the camaraderie and friendly atmosphere to encourage new venues and players to take part.

I for one look forward to seeing you all soon, at either the team event, the next finals day or at your venues.

And just think, it’s not long till January and the next finals day and the next year of the ever growing Dusk Till Dawn Poker League where we will be crowning a Dusk Till Dawn Poker League Champion.

Hope to see you soon.



Posted on Mon, 11th November 2013

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