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  • Q: Can we pay by Direct Debit / How do we pay the Weekly fee?
  • A: We don't accept Direct Debit, however you can pay the Weekly fee by Standing Order / BACS or 1 month upfront online through your PLO Login
  • Q: Is there an online Poker League I can play in?
  • A: We don't currently have any online tournaments running for the Poker League but you can play online poker with us or play Poker in the Pub.
  • Q: Can we send Results Online?
  • A: Yes, you can do this through the PLO area. If you're not sure of your username / password please contact our support team. If providing results online they must be updated weekly.
  • Q: Is there any contract for the Poker League?
  • A: Only for the duration of the Poker League running, please give us 2 weeks notice prior to opting out.
  • Q: Can we play any night?
  • A: It's upto you what night you run your Live Pub Poker League, but it must be once a week.
  • Q: Is there a minimum amount of games I have to play in order to qualify for the Live Final at Dusk Till Dawn?
  • A: No. Providing you make it into the top 10 of your selected venue, regardless of the amount of games you have played, you are free to play in the live Final of the Dusk Till Dawn Poker League.
  • Q: How many finals are on per year?
  • A: There is a grand total of 3 Poker League Finals hosted at Dusk Till Dawn each year.
  • Q: Can I play at more than one venue?
  • A: Yes. If you qualify in both (or more than one Pub Poker League) you will need to decide which venue you are taking your winning seat through on. Your second seat will be awarded to the next highest placing player in that League.
  • Q: How many players will I be up against in the Live Poker League final?
  • A: A total of 400 players can qualify for the Live Poker League final, however the amount of players there will be lower than this, as we expect not everyone who has qualified will be able to make the event, and some players may have qualified from more than one venue.
  • Q: Does the prize pool change dependant on how many players turn up to the Live Final?
  • A: No, the prize pool will remain the same at £5,000 for every single Live Final, with £1,500 Guaranteed to go to our first place finisher!
  • Q: How many weeks will the Pub Poker League run for?
  • A: From 12 to 13, dependant on when the league starts.
  • Q: Where can I view how I'm doing in the Poker League?
  • A: On our website, click here to choose your venue where you will be shown the up to date Poker League table, as well as updates from different venues.
  • Q: How do I find the nearest Poker Leagues near me?
  • A: Please click here to use the postcode finder tool. Which will show all venues that have signed up with the Dusk Till Dawn Poker League to spot if there have been any places that have opened up in your region.