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League 1 Finals Review

I’d like to start by welcoming our new venues we have on board from around the country a number of which were part of Sunday’s 287 entrants.

I’d also like to thank our new and existing players for making everyone feel welcome at our Finals Days, they really are a pleasure to host.

As always pre Final’s Day we have our Online Champion of Champions game where league winners play free for a £100 prizepool. The lucky winner was Andrew Carghill from Bar Rosso who won £60 and of course a trophy.

The day started with a complimentary breakfast served up by the wonderful catering and valet team at the club and a number of players arrived early for a catch up and pre match pint.

At 2pm they then filtered to the tables to play for their share of the £5,000 GTD prizepool as well as a number of other prizes and trophies. Unfortunately someone always has to be the first out and this time it was the unlucky Thomas Pearson who took the walk of shame.

I did keep an eye on the tournament throughout the afternoon, while making fleeting appearances into the VIP room to keep an eye on Liverpool’s title hopes. Our bubble burst as Ernie Wells was eliminated in 33rd with the remaining 32 players making the money.

We like to keep a community feel at the Finals Days and like to reward our best performing venue which this week was won by The Round Oak of Wolverhampton. Contributing to their success was 9th and 10thplace finishers Pete Leach and Gareth Davis. They were unfortunate to miss out on the final table but still go home with their cash prize and venue trophy.

The Final 8 lined up as followed:

Seat 1, Martin Gadeke (Grass Roots Poker)   775,000 chips
Seat 2, Ashley Knight (Cricketers Rest)   210,000
Seat 3, Martin Brown (Felixstowe)   139,000
Seat 4, Owen Dawson (Woodman)   388,000
Seat 5, Richard Couch (Crown Inn)   269,000
Seat 6, Jarrod Akeroyd (Grass Roots)   400,000
Seat 7, Ben Davis (Clumber Inn)   240,000
Seat 8, Paul Hayler (The George)   220,000

The chip stacks were slightly staggered but it was clear to see Martin Gadeke from Grass Roots in Manchester was a substantial chip leader.

Richard Couch was the first to bust in 8th place but made his way to the cash desk to collect a cool £120.

Short stack Martin Brown was eliminated 7th and was soon followed by Owen Dawson. As the players were falling the stacks were gaining in seats 7 and 8. Ben Davis and Paul Hayler grinding decent stack sizes to try and compete with Martin.

In 5th Jarrod Akeroyd made a move but got unlucky when he was called by Davis who held.

Ashley Knight (Cricketer’s Rest) never really got going on the Final Table and couldn’t pick up any decent hands and succumbed to a respectful 4th place.

Ben Davis and Paul Hayler had been chip collecting and were on par with each other for most of the final, but it looked like one would fall victim to the other to then take on Martin heads up.

It was Ben Davis who was the unlucky soul to go out in third leaving dominant chip leader Martin Davis with Paul Hayler heads up.

The two played heads up for a matter of minutes and came to a gentleman’s agreement to deal for £1,000 each and play for the remaining cash, trophy and title of Poker League Champion.

It wasn’t long till both stacks got it all in with Paul Hayler’s Jacks up against Martin’s A 10.

The Jack on the turn sealed it for Paul who celebrated becoming League 1 Champion for April 2014.

Special mentions must go to our organisers who are always on hand to make your league enjoyable. They are rewarded with their own organisers comp which was won by Daryl Haney from The Greenhill Tavern, his prize was a £100 DTD tournament entry. He beat Steve ‘The Grinder’ Murrell heads up; Steve won a £50 seat as the runner up.

Again, I’d like to thank everyone for their involvement and congratulate all of our winners across the weekend.

Don’t forget about the £50 DTD Grand Prix this week that has £150,000 GTD and keep your eyes on the news pages and blog for some exciting news that will make your Poker League bigger and better.


Posted on 24th April @ 12:43

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