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Long Hot Summer



Hi everyone, unfortunately the nice weather is fading and summer is officially over. So we can stop topping up on the tans and start playing poker again.

I must note I am releasing this blog to explain everything that is going on in the world of the Dusk Till Dawn Poker League and give everyone involved the same information with a good, clear insight.

 It is common knowledge in poker that the summer months are always the slowest. Of course we at DTD operate all year round and have two more exciting finals looming on the horizon.

 There are a few things I would like to point out at the start of this blog:

 Firstly I am fully aware that poker leagues are plentiful throughout the UK and competition for your business is fair, but tough. I have recently received a few enquiries as a new competitor is offering a league with a cheap weekly rate. Whilst not being the cheapest league in the country, we are certainly not the most expensive, and I feel we offer excellent value for money. Although we only commit you to one league at a time please read the small print of what cheaper leagues actually offer. The outcomes and prizes are sometimes not all they are hyped up to be.

 Whereas at DTD we do exactly what it says on the tin.

 Simon and I will shortly begin a new tour visiting venues. Apologies for the delay but it has been a somewhat hectic summer for Simon and things are finally settling down again. I will be in contact with individual venues between now and Christmas regarding visit dates.

 I have also been busy over the summer planning our third league and looking into how to make our exclusive leagues even better. Summer is not the ideal time to launch a new league, but has given me plenty of time to evaluate how we can make things even better for our venues and players.

 I have had interest from a number of new venues regarding starting a third league to accommodate higher demand, although this is not viable until we have 30 new confirmed venues, as there is the small issue of some venues forfeiting and therefore new venues back fill the empty slots.


However after much planning and thought we are working with considerable effort for a third league to happen. We will be replicating our winning formula following up enquiries and advertising through Dusk Till Dawn and its members. Our two current leagues look very solid and I have noticed our new venues are coming on board and generating good numbers. When we do generate our third league it will provide the perfect platform of 90 venues that will fit brilliantly into future plans and of course increase the prize pool on offer to players.


The DTD league is just 18 months young and I feel we have come a long way in that short period of time. I am keen to keep moving forward and not become stagnant. I realise we will not please everyone all of the time, but we have a good balance and are always working on attempting to improve ourselves for the better.


So here are the initial plans for next year:

 I am to keep the first three finals of the year as is and the last league final will instead become a Grand Final therefore creating a DTD Poker League Champion each year. We will amalgamate the Grand Final between the two leagues creating a £10,000 prize pool and a Champion. All in depth proposals will follow and feedback is appreciated so contact me should you need to.

 As most of you are aware we are holding an inaugural Poker League team event in November of this year. I have 78 teams with noted interest but have a maximum capacity of 60. I hope we don’t have to disappoint too many of you in what looks like a very popular event. We will be offering a £10,000 prize pool, fantastic trophy and of course the winners will be titled DTD Poker League Team Champions.*

 Furthermore I am proposing to the powers that be that maybe next year we can add five minutes to the clock on each finals day. Making blind levels that little bit longer; allowing for more play. This also means an hour earlier start but that just means players can take in the experience of the live club for longer.

 All organisers will be receiving emails over the next week with instructions for the finals days and the new league dates. I am sure that most of you know the procedure by now and will be fully prepared for the 13th of October for League E’s final and the 20th of October for League F.


I hope to see you all soon and thanks for taking the time to read.





*Just a quick reminder I have asked for the monies for this to be paid by the end of September as I need to have finalised teams submitted by then. If this event proves successful it will become an annual Poker League event.



Posted on 5th September @ 15:36

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